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Life Is But A Dream
Greed Is Never Going To Give Up Control
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Summary: So I'm making trailers and teasers for this fake Community movie about three couples (Shirley/Andre, Britta/Lukka and Troy/Abed) and how Jeff Winger comes to town and things get messy.

Spoliers: none.

AN: Both are in HD, by the way.

Original Trailer

Presenting the Troy and Abed Teaser for my fake movie Someone Like You

Song: Be Alone by Childish Gambino (Donald Represent!)

Summary: Three couples, in totally different stages of love and life...only he can tear them apart.

Genre: Drama

AN: I don't know why I keep making all these fake trailers, but this has been a labor of love.

Spoilers: Not really, just general ones for the back half of this season.

24th-Mar-2011 12:47 am - Fanvid: Jeff/Britta: Hurricane
Summary: That woman is a hurricane.

Spoilers: Ehh...No.

Song: Hurricane by Panic At The Disco

Title: I Can't Give You What You Need

Summary: This was the end. 

Spoilers: 4x08

AN: I was heartbroken by the end, though it made sense and I understand, but this was the productive of that heartbreak. 


I had a list of the tracks and the lyrics I found that fit the couple, LJ messed up and I lost it :(. But pretty much the entirety of the songs fit them in this mix. 

Download zip
11th-Feb-2011 08:48 am - Life Opinions of The Day

Not feeling:
New Lady Gaga single
The cold

The Roommate with the greatest
Last nights convo

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Medium: TV
Fandom: Glee and Instant Star
Pairing: Will Schuester and Jude Harrison
Title: Geography-5 Track EP
Contains: Matt Cardle, Thao and the GDSD, Alexz Johnson, Breathe Carolina, and Coconut Records.
Summary: One summer, Jude Harrison and the SME came to Lima. Will and Jude had a summer romance, they connected because of their love for music and now that it's over, they remember and wish that they weren't so far apart (geographically speaking).


Behind The CutCollapse )
23rd-Jan-2011 03:47 pm - Eyes Wide Shut-Quinn/Will (R)
Eyes Wide Shut

Summary:AU: The fake-baby plan somehow went through perfectly. Beth (if she is even named Beth anymore) is adopted by Terri and Will still thinks he is the father.Quinn becomes somewhat a fixture in the Schuester household, but what happens when Terri runs off. Quinn/Will

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 3,500+


From a prompt at glee_kink_meme

ORead more...Collapse )
10th-Dec-2010 01:03 pm - Writer's Block: Didn't see it coming
What has been the most surprising cultural event of 2010?

Kanye coming back full speed from the Taylor Swift incident. 
9th-Dec-2010 10:05 pm - Goodbye College.
 Winter break,

I love you.
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